Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

We are a team of young professionals, involved with the project that already has a decade of existence.

Who we are

We are a team of young professionals, involved with the project that already has more than a decade of existence.

We develop and manufacture, according to the needs of our client, a diverse set of plastic articles, by the injection molding process.

Highly human resources, strong motivation and constant concern for technological innovation are the necessary allies and the fundamental factor for achieving sustained growth.


To provide the market with plastic solutions, continually innovating, committed to valuing our people and guided by sustainability.


To be a national benchmark company in the plastic injection moulding sector for technical capacity and innovation by 2030.


Team Spirit | Transparency | Trust | Innovation | Respect | Social Responsibility

Environmental Commitment

Our environmental commitment, involves the promotion and application of good environmental management practices, namely the careful management of waste, favoring its reduction, reuse and recycling / recovery.


We are committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of a Integrated Management System, based on standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and NP 4457.

Export Markets

We create partnerships with international clients from different sectors, such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our focus on detail, the rapid responsiveness and consistency of product and service were some of the things that made our company create strong partnerships with multinationals.

Product development






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